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Cool-de-Sac is an innovative collapsible ice bucket that can add a bit of fun and flair to any occasion. Whether you’re headed to a picnic where a bottle of perfectly chilled wine is an absolute necessity, or to a dinner party and are in need of a little something for your host, Cool-de-Sac presents a stylish, sleek alternative to cumbersome cooler bags and uninteresting gifts.
Cool-de-Sacs are made from recyclable, durable PVC and are easy to carry, even easier to store and are Proudly South African to boot.

Website Treatment

Cool de Sac is a fun, funky and useful product. We gave attention to bringing the product into focus, from the moment you open up the site. Examples of products are displayed in an image slider, with call to purchase actions prominent. We added ecommerce functionality via the popular WooCommerce plug-in. Shipping and tax calculations are neatly taken care of with this feature.

In addition, we carefully added search engine keywords and phrases to each page and post, with the result that the site was taking orders within its first 3 days of release, and continues to perform well 9 months later.