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We are not breeders. At Brainy Birds we give our time, energy and love to both you and your Parrot to help you both with effective training and mentorship. Some of our Parrot training services include:

  • How to potty train your Parrot
  • Have fun while getting to know your Parrot
  • How to stop your Parrot from biting and Screaming
  • Teach your Parrots tricks
  • Taming your Parrot to become independent and loving
  • How to shower (bath) your Parrot
  • Understanding your Parrot
  • Make your own easy Toys for your Parrot
  • Feeding, weaning and general Parrot healthcare

Flatspin’s Treatment

A smaller site, built as a blog primarily, can also achieve great results. We’ve included this site in our portfolio as such an example. Simple and straightforward, with useful articles, Dee does great work in her niche consultancy. Much of our work here focused on training Dee in becoming proficient with WordPress.