Birthing SA

One of Sam’s passions. We saw a niche in the market for a Birthing directory in South Africa. Most websites are geared towards what goes on after birth… kids, mom’s, bottles, nappies, etc. So we built the biggest directory of useful services we could to assist with the things you need to know before… 

Flatspin’s Treatment

WordPress delivers great user-based functionality innately.  Adding a premium directory theme expanded on that functionality with this website.

We modelled the site around maximising the user-experience, and making it easy for visitors to find useful information. We’ve also concentrated on creating some premium content via our blogging friends.

The result: a month on month doubling up of traffic for the past 6 months. We’re liking this 🙂

The result is a pretty website, that our clients and their visitors are very satisfied to visit.